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Inside the Gates

Northeast Side

  gate line

Southeast Side

  down escalator

Southwest Side

  staff door

Northwest Side

  up escalator

The Platform

At the Foot of the Escalator, you're in a recess from the platform with billboards on the right-hand wall and the wall facing you. The wall facing you extends left across the end of the platform. Turn left onto the platform, you're near the rear of the train. There is tactile paving 50 cm from the edge of the platform.

There's a series of billboards and seats along the wall which is interrupted by the recess to the fire exit and lift to the concourse.

At the end of the platform is a wall with a blank door. Turn left (180 degrees, southeast) towards the up escalator.

The Recess to the Fire Exit

As you move away from the entrance, the wall veers left (south) with billboards, then follows the direction of the platform. The fire exit door is on your left. Next to this is the lift. Beyond this, the wall veers right (east), back to the platform.

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