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The doors open on your right as you face the front of the train. We strongly recommend that you arrange to be at the front of the train when using the outer circle and at the rear when using the inner. This minimises the distance you need to walk along narrow, crowded platforms. There is tactile paving along the edge of each platform.

From the inner Circle, go beyond the rear of the train, up 16 then four steps and, turn left. Continue over the bridge then down six steps. This section is divided by a central rail, we understand you keep left. Continue forward into the lower level concourse.

From the outer circle, continue beyond the front of the train, up 15 steps, turn left and continue into the lower level concourse.

Follow the left-hand wall. The first turning leads to the steps, whilst the foot of the upward escalator juts out beyond the foot of the steps. Either go up two flights of 15 steps, or escalator to the street level concourse then turn left. From the escalator, you pass the top of the steps (slightly reset to your left), then the automatic gates, followed by the bi-directional Wide Aisle Gate. The direction of the automatic gates can be changed according to demand, though we understand the left-hand gates are normally the ones you need.

Go through the gates then continue forward for a few metres before turning left through the exit. You go down a slight slope onto the pavement. Note there's a canopy over the pavement outside the entrance to the station so this may be crowded if it's raining.

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