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There are two ticket sales windows, with fixed height counter and induction loop, in the far wall as you come into the station. The right-hand window was in use at the time of our survey.

The station is open between 6:30 am and 11:20 pm.

Holders of concessionary cards (disabled and over 60) are required to buy either a 90P single or 1.30 return concession ticket, whilst blind people with passes are encouraged to collect a free ticket from the sales window. The free tickets are single journey tickets which operate the automatic gates.

The automatic gates will be updated to accept Scottish Entitlement Cards in due course.

Having got your ticket, you can continue through the automatic gates, in front of you, the bi-directional Wide Aisle Gate is at the left-hand end of the gate line. The direction of the five automatic gates to your right of this can be varied according to demand, though we understand the left-hand gates are normally the ones you need.

Go through the gates. You can either go down the steps to the lower concourse or use the escalator.

Via the Escalator

>Continue to the far wall, turn right then right again when you reach the wall in front of you. The down escalator is now in front of you.

Via the Steps

Turn right immediately beyond the gate line and continue till you reach the rail in front of you, this is before the upward escalator. Turn right and go down two flights of steps into the lower concourse.

From the foot of the escalators or steps, turn right and continue to the foot of the steps in front of you. If you need the outer circle, turn right here and go down a flight of steps onto the platform, you're near the front of the train.

Otherwise, for the inner circle, continue up the six steps in front of you. these are divided by a central rail, we understand you keep left. Continue to the wall in front of you, turn right then go down four then 16 steps onto the platform. You're near the rear of the train, to your left.

There is tactile paving along the edge of each platform.

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