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As you enter the station via the north entrance, continue past the sculpture, the Glasgow map and three ticket machines before you reach the ticket sales office with the window facing the entrance. It may be easier to follow one side of the concourse and turn in towards the middle as you reach the manual gate which is in the middle of each gate line. This will bring you to the ticket office building. Note that the ticket machines are not accessible to vision impaired people.

If you enter the station via the south entrance, continue, on either side, past the Transcentre. The next building is the ticket sales office with the window facing away from you, towards the north entrance.

The station is open between 6:30 am and 11:20 pm.

Holders of concessionary cards (disabled and over 60) are required to buy either a 90P single or 1.30 return concession ticket, whilst blind people with passes are encouraged to collect a free ticket from the sales window. The free tickets are single journey tickets which operate the automatic gates.

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