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The station is located in St Enoch Square which lies south of Argyle Street, opposite the end of Buchanan Street.

Entrances and Exits


There are two entrances/exits, which we will call the north and south entrances.

The north entrance is nearer Argyle Street, leading south from the middle of a row of bollards running east/west between the rows of shops along the sides of the square, whilst the south entrance, which is west of the St Enoch Centre, may be more difficult to find. We gained the impression that the north entrance is the main entrance to this station.

To Find the North Entrance

The entrance faces north from the middle (east/west) of the square, behind a bin and other obstacles. We think it would be easier to move away from the east crossing of Argyle Street, follow the wall on your left, past Clydesdale Bank and find a large pillar close to the wall. Turn right (west) here and follow the row of four bollards, less than two metres apart, towards the station entrance, which is surrounded by a rail about a metre high.

As you face into the entrance the down escalator is to your left, then steps, followed by the up escalator. Gates can close the entrance which is divided into two by a large square pillar.

The area at the top of the escalators has a glass roof.

A similar row of four bollards leads east from the side window of Gap to the rail around the west side of the entrance.

If you use the steps, you go down 15 then 15 steps, going south into the booking hall. These steps are divided into two sections by a central rail. There's corduroy tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps.

To Find the South Entrance

This is harder to find than the north entrance, you could come out of the St Enoch centre and, after about 40 metres, locate the building housing the entrance. There are doors to closed toilets to each side of the station entrance. You enter facing north.

As you enter, you go down 16 then six steps, going north. These steps are divided into three sections by rails. There's corduroy tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps.

In front of you is the rear of the travel centre (Transcentre) with a blank door facing you. You can go left or right around this into the booking hall.

Local Road Crossings

The Crossing of Argyle Street

There are two crossings from the south end of Buchanan Street, one brings you into the northwest corner of St Enoch Square, whilst the other brings you into the northeast.

Each crossing has tactile paving at each end, rotating cones and there are posts with push buttons to each side of you from either side of Argyle Street.

The Crossing of Howard Street

We noted a crossing with a sounder over Howard Street which lies some distance south of the station, beyond the scope of this survey.

Local Buses

We found no bus stops within the scope of this survey.

Local Features

The square widens as you go south of the north entrance with the St Enoch Centre on the east side. You continue past a building under renovation into a wide, circular space which used to be used for buses; this now contains seating. South of this is Howard Street running east-west.

There are many shops in the St Enoch Centre, the square and Buchanan Street, details of which lie beyond the scope of this survey.

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