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There is stairs-only access between the platform and ticket office.

The doors will open on your right as you face the front of the train. There is no tactile paving along either edge of the island platform.

As you go from the rear of eastbound (or front of westbound ) trains, you pass a series of posts before you reach the rear of the steps, you can walk underneath these, be careful! Continue, beyond the foot of the steps then turn back (180 degrees).

As you go from the front of eastbound (or rear of westbound) trains, you pass a series of pillars before reaching the foot of the steps, in front of you.

Go up two flights of steps to ticket office level and turn right. There's an assistance/ticket sales window beyond the left-hand end of the gate line in front of you. There's a bi-directional Wide Aisle Gate at the left-hand end of the gate line and an automatic exit to your right of that. Go through the gates, bear right and continue through the automatic doors onto the forecourt.

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