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The station is located to the north of Great Western Road (east/west), on a viaduct a few metres east of Herschel Street (north).

Entrances and Exits

There are three entrances/exits to this station:

Via Stairs from the North Side of Great Western Road onto Platform 1

From just east of the rail bridge, turn north, go up one step going north then continue forward to the foot of the steps. You go up 15 steps, going north, onto a path. These steps are divided by a central rail and there's a hand rail to each side. Follow the path (north) up the hill, there's a metal fence to each side. The steps up west towards the rear of the toilet are not for public use. Beyond this you can turn left (west) onto the platform, just south of the ticket office. If you continue (north) you reach a fence at the end, there's a door into the ticket office, to your left (west), just before this fence.

Via ramp from the North Side of Great Western Road onto Platform 1

Taking the first (unnamed) road east of the rail bridge, you leave Great Western Road, going north then take the turning left (west). There's an area with bike racks beyond this turning. The road beyond this area was blocked at the time of our survey.

Turn left (south) go up the ramp then turn right (180 degrees, north) and go up the second ramp. Turn left at the top (180 degrees, south), go to the top of the ramp then turn right and continue along the short path, onto platform 1. You pass two departure screens as you pass the ticket office to your left. Note that, to get into the ticket office from this entrance, you need to turn left along the platform.

Via Stairs from the North Side of Great Western Road onto Platform 2.

As you go east from Herschel Street, you locate the gap in the wall just before you go under the rail bridge. From here, you go up 13 then 13 steps, going north. Turn right (east) then go up 17 steps, going east onto platform 2. You're at the south end of the platform, turn left (north) for the rear of the train.

Local Road Crossings

The Junction of Great Western Road (East/West) and Herschel Street (North)

North Arm, Herschel Street

This is a single-stage crossing with tactile paving. The posts with push button but no rotating cone are north of the crossing, that is to your right as you cross to the west, away from the station or to your left as you cross towards it.

West Arm, Great Western Road

This is a two-stage crossing with tactile paving. The post, with push button but no rotating cone is to your right as you leave the pavement in either direction. On the central island, turn right then left. There's a post to each side as you leave the central island in either direction.

Local Buses

On the South Side of Great Western Road

As you continue west from the crossing, on the south side of Great Western Road, you cross Ancaster Drive, which has no formal crossing. Continue, past shops, to the first of two bus stops.

Bus Stop 6090380

This bus stop, with a shelter in the middle of the pavement, serves:

Second Bus Stop, 6090381

This bus stop serves:

On the north side of Great Western Road

Bus Stop 6090382

This stop, a short distance west of Herschel Street serves:

Local Features

There's a wide range of shops along Great Western Road and a shopping mall which can also be reached via Herschel Street. Details of these lie beyond the scope of this survey.

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