Platforms 1 and 3, EASTBOUND

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This section of the guide describes platform 1, for eastbound trains towards Glasgow Queen Street Low Level and platform 3, eastbound towards Glasgow Queen Street High Level, via Maryhill.

The southern portion of platform 1 is a separate platform along the east side of the station. Platform 3, begins some distance north of the ticket office, sharing an island platform with platform 1. Platform 3 extends some distance north of the end of platform 1.

The ticket office, including the entrances from Great Western Road are about in the middle of platform 1, whilst the bridge to/from platform 2 is towards the south end.

There is tactile paving along the edge of each platform.

To Reach

There is stairs or ramp access from Great Western Road, see the Environs page for details.

Platform 3, from the North

There's a mesh fence from the end of this platform up to the end of platform 1.

  metal fence at end, no tactile across the remaining space
post, speaker
post, CCTV and speaker
post, CCTV and speaker
fence ends
slope up to end of platform 1

The Island Platform 1 and 3, from the North

The posts are now along the middle of the island platform.

  covered drainage channel along middle
buffer at end of track 3
end of platform 3

Platform 1, Continuing South from the Beginning of Platform 3

  post, Anniesland
open drainage channel continues
metal railings on left
4 seats
4 seats
post, way out sign
path to ramp exit
help point on post
departure screen above
building starts
Station Supervisor's office
paper rack
pay phone
double door to ticket office
4 seats
building ends
post, way out sign
path to stairs exit, departure screen above
unisex accessible toilet, door in north side, bush button to right of door
gap to fence
steps up south to bridge, note you can go underneath these steps
metal railings continue
post, CCTV
4 seats
post, three and six car stop
mirror, in middle
metal rail and tactile at end

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