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Special Notice

We're pleased to report that our overhaul of the National Rail map and station finder is complete as at 30 June 2011. We are now in a good position to maintain this inline with the ongoing changes that will occur throughout the network.

Our thanks go to Chris Cook for the many hours he spent, giving his extensive expertise to this project. Not only did he re-design our map, he has also painstakingly checked our map and station finder to ensure a consistent standard has been applied throughout, and continues to check the maps and notify us of updates to their text as they need to be made. This also led to the correction of some errors which had lain undetected since Terry Robinson established the site in 2000.

For all this - Many Thanks!


Chris Cook wishes to dedicate the 2011 National Rail map and station finder to the fond memory of Toby Fisher (April 1976-January 2006), who was a great friend and travelling companion on many railway jaunts.

How to Use this Station Finder

The station finder consists of a series of tables, one for each initial letter of stations identified in the National Rail network. Each list is presented as a three column table.

We have improved the navigability of the tables by including more headings. We have generally assigned the station names to heading level 6. Additionally, we have assigned the first station name of each second letter to heading level 5. For example, in the "B" page, this should enable users to quickly skip from "BA" to "BE", "BI", "BL", "BO", "BR", "BU" and "BY", using the "5" key in JAWS.

Choose the initial letter of the station you need.

Station names are listed by their official names, so London termini, such as Paddington or Victoria, are listed under L for London Paddington and London Victoria etc.

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