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As a result of the Cross Rail project The rank in Eastbourne Terrace, adjacent to platform 1, closed in March 2012 and the new rank opened which is situated above platform 12. Taxis etc access the rank from Bishops Bridge Road. The rank is horse shoe shaped with the cabs entering down the left hand prong and setting down their passengers on the bend before travelling to the pick up point and then on and out into London's traffic.

HOW TO ACCESS The RANK FROM The Station Concourse

From a standing position on the concourse as you stand and look (west) towards the throat of the station, platform 12 is on the far right hand side. But I am assuming. For the purposes of my description, that you are able to find the gate line to platforms 10 and 11. Once there, pass the line with it on your left and you will find that the barrier continues for a few paces before the start to the entrance to platform 12. Here the barrier continues to the left, and parallel with the railway track on platform 11. turn left here and follow this barrier which will act as a guide to the gate line to platform 12 which is directly a head.

This is where you have the choice of using the escalators or the lifts to the rank. As you walk towards the gate line of platform 12 the escalators are to your right but if you want the lifts you must walk on to the gate line and turn right (north) and you will find them in front of you.

If you use the escalators, at the top You walk forward a few paces which will bring you to the bend of the horse shoe where you veer to the left and join the queue of those waiting for a taxi. On leaving the lift you turn to the right and veer to the left and join the same queue.


Whether or not you have arranged assistance help is readily available. There seems to be a staff of one or two assistants stationed at the drop off point from where you will be offered a ride on the buggy. The buggy does not use the route described above. It travels up or down a dedicated gated ramp which is accessed towards the throat of the station at the taxi level and leads down to platform 10 and the concourse. The Assistance reception point is still on platform 1.


If you travel in a mini cab, private hire car or that of a friend you may be dropped off at the rank but as there is no parking permitted you will need to get in place and telephone your friend or mini cab driver to arrange for them to pick you up. Hopefully they will have been happy to find a place to park nearby which is just a few minutes away.

We also understand that the bridge to platform 15 - 16 has been extended to the northeast to give access to the new taxi rank. We hope to provide more details on this shortly.

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Lines Served

  Paddington - Bristol Temple Meads
Paddington - Heathrow Connect
Paddington - Heathrow Express
Paddington - Reading
Paddington - West Ruislip
from platforms 15 and 16
London Underground, Circle Line
London Underground, Hammersmith & City Line

Other London Underground Services

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  London Underground, Bakerloo Line
London Underground, Circle Line
London Underground, District Line (Edgware Road Branch)

Note that you're advised to use platform 16 for eastbound journeys on the Circle Line. Trains serving platform 2 of the Underground Station will terminate at Edgware Road and return via platform 1, so you'd need to change trains at Edgware Road to continue your journey. Note that the change at Edgware Road is much easier than the change between the Underground Station and platform 16 at Paddington so, unless you're already in the Mainline Station, we suggest you change at Edgware Road. See our guide to Edgware Road Station for details.

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