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Special Notice

Our thanks go to Chris Cook for the following.

Trrains on the Circle Line no longer go round in a continuous circle. They now start and finish at Hammersmith and run fixed circuits as described below. N.B. The Circle and Hammersmith & City lines continue to operate independently from one another.

Circle Line trains start at Hammersmith, run eastbound to Edgware Road and then continue on eastbound (clockwise) round the Circle Line via Baker Street, Kings Cross St Pancras, Liverpool Street, Tower Hill, Embankment, Victoria and High Street Kensington. Once back at Edgware Road, they reverse direction and do one revolution of the Circle Line westbound (anticlockwise) via High Street Kensington, Victoria, Embankment, Tower Hill, Liverpool Street, Kings Cross St Pancras and Baker Street. On arriving back at Edgware Road, they continue on westbound back to Hammersmith where the circuit of routes then starts again.

If you want to travel through Edgware Road i.e. from Paddington to Baker Street, you are strongly advised to take an eastbound Circle or Hammersmith & City Line train from platform 16 in the mainline station, which will go directly there. If you take an eastbound Circle Line train from platform 2, you will need to change trains at Edgware Road, in order to continue your eastbound journey.

See our guides to Paddington Underground Station and Paddington Mainline Station for more details.

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