Finsbury Park (Tube) Station


Work on the station continues and according to Transport for London (TFL):

The Wells Terrace entrance to Finsbury Park Tube station is now closed.

"Our work at Finsbury Park Tube station will provide step-free access in 2018, reduce congestion and improve security and safety. A new station entrance will open in 2019."

"Two new lifts will serve the northbound and southbound Victoria and Piccadilly line platforms, making the station step-free from street level to the trains."

The above is taken from Finsbury Park page on the TFL website

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27 May 2018: The island platform 1 and 2 now appears to be in use for trains to St Pancras as well as Moorgate and slo King's Cross services.

Update: 8 January 2014

We understand that, on the platform itself, the stairs down from the middle of platforms 1 and 2 face the opposite way round to all other stairways at the station, and are situated roughly half way along an 8 car train length. As we haven't been able to survey the station recently, we have no other details of features on these platforms at this time, except that there is tactile paving along the edge of these platforms. This guide is now updated to reflect these changes.


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