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This is a through station on the London Underground Piccadilly and Victoria Lines plus the Kings Cross mainline. The service from Moorgate also serves this station.


The London Underground station has two island platforms (1 - 2 and 3 - 4), running approximately north/south. These are, from west to east:

The mainline station has four island platforms (1 - 2, 3 - 4, 5 - 6 and 7 - 8) which lie above those of the London Underground. These are numbered 1 - 8 from east to west (opposite to those of the London Underground). We understand Platforms 1 - 2 serve southbound trains towards King's Cross or Moorgate, platforms 3 - 4 serve fast trains to King's Cross, whilst platforms 7 - 8 serve northbound trains towards Welwyn and Cambridge. Platforms 5 - 6 aren't often used.

The main entrance to the Underground station with ticket sales facilities is off Wells Terrace into the north concourse, whilst the entrance to the mainline station is off Station Place.

A T-shaped passage links the entrances/exits to this station. The leg of the T runs west from the Station Place entrance, across the Underground tracks to the T-Junction with the passage leading north from Seven Sisters Road. Beyond the junction, this passage veers left (northwest) past the entrance from the north concourse, into Wells Terrace.

Note, There is no concourse at the Seven Sisters Road entrance.

There are two ways from the first passage onto each island platform. People are intended to keep left through the station. As a result, if you enter from the Station Place entrance, you'll take the left turnings, which bring you near the south end of the platforms. From the other entrances, taking the left turns will bring you about in the middle of the platforms.

The passage to the mainline station leaves north from the Station Place entrance. As you face the ticket sales window, turn right, go to the wall and turn left. Follow this wall to locate the stairs on your right. At the top, you're at the intermediate level. There are two sets of steps between street and intermediate levels. We believe the second (west) set are the entrance, whilst the east steps are the exit.

The intermediate level is a passage from which the steps to platforms 1 - 2 are on the opposite side to the steps from the concourse, a few metres to the east. For other platforms, turn left into this passage, from which steps lead up (left) to the three island platforms (3 - 8) for the mainline, bringing you near the middle of the platforms. There is a set of spiral stairs on the right leading down to each of the two island platforms for the London Underground station; bringing you to the north half of the platforms.


There is stairs-only and no step-free access throughout this station. We therefore believe the station is accessible to Guide Dog users, but not to wheelchairs.

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