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This entrance is open Monday to Friday, 07:00 to 20:00.

This used to be the entrance/exit to the King's Cross Thameslink Station, which is now replaced by the First Capital Connect section of St Pancras Station.

Although there are ticket machines at this entrance, there's no sales window, however, staff will assist as necessary.

This exit/entrance is on the south side of Pentonville Road, between King's cross Bridge, to the west and King's Cross Road, to the east. There are four pillars on the south side of the pavement, with two cash machines between the west two and the automatic doors between the middle pair of pillars. See our Routes to the Sense Offices for details.

Outside the Gates

You enter facing south.

North Side, Going East

  entrance, two automatic doors
emergency exit

Right-hand (West) Side, Going South

blank door
2 ticket machines
Oyster Card machine
fast ticket machine
Tube map

The wall curves left to become the south side.

South Side, Going East

  2 windows of the permanently closed ticket office
blank door

East Side, Going North

  manual gate
4 automatic gates

Inside the Gates

Continue to the wall, there's a fire exit to your left beyond the upward-only escalator, going up east into this area. Turn right (south), go down 16 steps, going south. Turn right (west), go down 14 steps, going west, these are double sets of steps, divided by a central rail. Go down 14 more steps, going west onto a longer landing, then 14 then 14 more steps into the Level -2 passage. The foot of the escalator is to your right.

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