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This area lies to the left of the exhibition space, in what was part of the bus garage. This area still retains the original metal and glass roof.

The seating area is divided into two sections, one for visitors, the other for exhibitors. We understand each area will be fenced off the walkway to allow safe and easy access.

To Reach

You need to leave the hall via the broad passage leading from the far left-hand corner. This leads (west) through the doors into the refreshments area. You're on a slightly raised area from which there's a slight slope down in front of you and to your left.


As you come out of the exhibition hall and face left, the visitors' seating area is in front of you, the walkway to the servery is beyond this, with the exhibitors' seating beyond the walkway.

To reach the servery, leave the hall and continue forward. The fence around the visitors' seating is to your left, you can follow this round to your left then take the turning left towards the servery. You're now in the aisle between the two sets of seating, with the counter in front of you at the end.

Having been served, turn left and find a seat within the visitors' seating area, in front of you.

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