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As you pass through the registration area, staff can call a taxi for you if necessary. The pick-up point will be immediately outside the entrance to the building.

Otherwise, you can make your way towards the bus stops on Soho Hill.

To the Main Road

Leave the building, continue to the kerb in front of you then turn left. As you leave the paved area, you should be on the path leading to the car park exit. This path is marked by a series of tactile islands. Continue to the exit.

As you reach the exit, turn left onto the pavement. You cross tactile paving before you find railings in front of you, move to your right to avoid these then continue along the pavement.

To the Bus Stops

Leading Away from the City

The first gap on your left leads to the steps down to the subway, pass this and continue along the pavement. The first bus stop, on your right, is Stop HH, serving the 74 to Dudley via West Bromwich and the 79 to Wolverhampton. The second, Stop HJ, serves the 16 to Hansted and the 16A to Great Barr.


Towards the City

You need to Cross Soho Hill via the subway, which you can do via steps or ramp.

Via the Steps

Take the first turning left, turn left again and go down two flights of steps. turn right (180 degrees) then continue, up and down a slight slope then take the turning right. Continue under the road, the subway slopes up slightly before you reach the end. Take the turning left, go up two flights of steps to street level then continue forward to the bus stop on your left.


Via the Ramp

Continue, past the first turning left, which leads to the steps, past the two bus stops on your right then take the turning left. Turn left again, down the ramp. At the bottom, turn left and continue, under the road. The subway slopes up slightly before the end. turn right and go up the ramp to street level. Turn left (180 degrees) at the top and follow the pavement, which veers slightly right, before you pass the top of the steps on your left. Continue forward and locate the bus stop on your left, after a few metres.

Note that there's a fish and chip shop, a newsagent and a key cutting booth beside this bus stop. There's also a Link cash machine inside the newsagent shop.

This bus stop, HA, serves routes 16, 16A 74 and 79 towards the city centre. Details of relevant bus stops and routes to New Street Station will be provided before the date of the exhibition.

Describe Online has published a guide to Birmingham New Street Station.

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