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The Exhibition Space

This is a much simpler venue than the Clarendon Suites.

As you come into the building, you pass through the registration area into the smaller hall which is called Zone 4.

Beyond this smaller hall is the main hall which is divided into three zones (1 to 3 from the far end). An additional zone (5) is the recess on the left-hand side as you come into the large hall.

Each of the three zones within the large hall is divided into 13 rows which are labelled A through M from right to left. Note that these indicate an area within the hall which may not necessarily be occupied by exhibition stands.

The Reading Room

This occupies rows A - D of Zone 1 and will be partitioned off the main exhibition area. Details of the layout of this area are not known to us at the time of writing.

Seminar Rooms

There are three seminar rooms, plus Zone 5 which we believe will be used by Sight and Sound Technology.


The refreshments area lies outside the hall, you leave via the passage leading to your left from the far left-hand corner.

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